Flare Config Tool


The access the tool open the command console (Ctrl + Backspace) and then enter the command mod_flareconfig. This tool can also be used to export any flare config from a track, including the internal tracks.

Select Flare

This list shows all of the flares in the scene. Flare Config Flare is an empty flare created by the tool that you can edit. Select this to begin editing, click the Move custom flare to camera position button and then move the camera back to see the flare.

When you are ready to save the flare, click the Save Flare Config to JSON button. This will export the flare to User -> Export -> Flare Configs -> FlareConfigs -> TrackName_flare.json.

Edit Flare

See ProFlares documentation here for more information. The edit flare section has been setup to mirror their Unity editor inspector interface.