Neo Surface Placer

Tool Menu Path: Neognosis -> Surface Placer

The Surface Placer is a tool that allows you to duplicate objects by dropping them relative to the surface under your mouse. Select an object in your scene and then navigate to Neognosis - Surface Placer to start duplicating it.


The inspector will show you settings for the tool and also the inspector for the components on object you’re duplicating, so for instance on a light it’ll let you configure the settings of the light before placing each instance.

Tool Settings

Confirm Objects: Confirms your duplicate objects, keeps them in the scene and then closes the tool.

Cancel Objects: Cancels your duplicate objects, removes them from the scene and then closes the tool.

Normal Offset: How far away from the surface your mouse is over the object will be placed at. You can also adjust this by holding shift and moving your mouse horizontally.

Rotate To Normal: Whether the object should also be rotated to align with the surface.

Rotate Axis: The axis that the object will aligned along.

Rotation Offset: How much to offset the rotation once it has been rotated to the hovered surface.