Airbrakes Setup


There are no airbrake count restrictions, you can add as many as you like!

Make sure your airbrakes are using the same material as the exterior mesh. This is important for assigning liveries!


Before you begin configuring your airbrakes you must first make sure that your airbrakes pivots are setup. This must be done inside of your modeling software, each software has its own way of handling this so you’ll need to use your softwares method of setting this up.

Take the image below as an example, the pivot is setup along the back edge of the airbrake with the Y axis pointing down it. The axis that’s pointing down the edge of the airbrake is important as it will determine how you setup the rotation axis. As the Precision Deltas airbrake pivot has the Y axis ponting down the edge, this means we will be rotating our airbrake along the Y axis.


Create The Airbrake Definition

  • Head over to the ship inspector

  • Expand the Edit Airbrakes section

  • Click the green Add Airbrake button

  • Under the Target Components header drag your airbrake gameobject into the Airbrake Renderer and Airbrake Transform fields.


Configure The Airbrake

You can now configure the airbrake using the available settings under the Target Components section. You might need to invert the rotation axis for the left airbrake, to do this you set the axis it’s rotating along to -1 or you can use the Quick Axis Assign button to set this up.



Render In Cockpit

Whether the airbrake will be rendered when in the cockpit view

Render In External

Whether the airbrake will be rendered when in any external view

Input Response

This determines what the airbrake responds to. Steering currently only works for player ships.

Airbrake Side

The side of the ship this airbrake is on. This determines which input the airbrake responds to.

Up Angle

The angle that the airbrake will raise to when extended.

Invert on left/right airbrake?

Whether this airbrake should invert its angle when the airbrake for the oposite side is used. Ticking this willl give you the option to set the angle that the airbrake will lower to.

Rotation Axis

The axis relative to the airbrakes pivot rotation that the airbrake will rotate along. Either set a single component to -1, 1 or use the Quick Axis Assign button to select the axis from a dropdown, Up Speed, How quickly the airbrake raises (normal)/lowers (inverted).

Down Speed

How quickly the airbrake restores to its resting rotation.