Custom Ship Shader

Shader Path: BallisticNG -> CustomShip


This shader is redundant and has been replaced by the Standard Shader, which can handle what this shader was designed to do.

The custom ship shader is a legacy shader that can be used for custom ships. This is the double sided version of Custom Ship (Cull) Shader





The diffuse tetxure map to use.


The reflection mask map to use. This is used as a multiplier for reflections on the ship. In most cases you’ll probably want this to be white/black but you can make it greyscale or also use colors.


The illumination map to use. This is addtive and supports color.

Illumination Intensity

How intense the illumination map.

Illumination Color

The global tint of the illumination map.


The global color of the diffuse map.

Allow Affine Mapping

Whether the affine mapping option should be allowed to affect the material.

Affine Blend

How much the affine mapping option affects the material.