Survival Environment Detail Shader

Shader Path: BallisticNG -> Survival Environment Detail

Intended to be used with Survival Environment Details, documented in Survival - Rendering Toggles

The Survival Environment Detail is a special use case shader that allows you to add overlay effects on top of existing geometry in survival mode, such as fully lit building windows.

The shader pulls polygons forward in the depth buffer so they always render on top of what’s behind them.

Ideally you’ll want the alpha texture and illumination texture to be the same.




Alpha Texture

A greyscale mask that determines the opacity of the surface.

Alpha Cutout

The greyscale value where the pixels for the material get clipped. 0 is for black pixels, 1 is for white pixels.


The texture to use for the illumination map.


The global tint of the material. This gets overriden by the virtual environment.

Allow Affine Mapping

Whether affine mapping should be enabled on this material.

Affine Blend

How intense the affine mapping is.