Display Shader

Shader Path: BallisticNG -> Display

The display shader is used for creating digital advert displays. This is the single sided version of Display (Double Sided) Shader





The diffuse texture to use. Normally you want to assign this a black texture.

Scan Lines

The scan line texture. Search for ‘Digital’ in the texture picker for a default texture.


The additive illumination texture to use. These should your advert atlas.

Ilumination Intensity

The intensity of the illumination texture.


The base color of the display.

Flicker Speed

How fast the display flickers.

Flicker Strength

How much the display flickers.

Scanline Speed

How fast the scanlines scroll.

Allow Affine Mapping

Whether the affine mapping option should be allowed to affect the material.

Affine Blend

How much the affine mapping option affects the material.