Ship Iridescent Shader

Shader Path: BallisticNG -> Ship Iridescent

The ship iridescent shader is a shader for ships that lets you achieve a variety of two tone effects using rim lighting and tinting driven by sine waves.





The diffuse tetxure map to use.

Iridescent Mask

The color multiplier mask to use for blending in the iridescent effects.


The color multiplier mask to use for blending reflections.


The illumination map to use. This is addtive and supports color.

Illumination Intensity

The intensity of the illumination map.

Illumination Color

The global tint for the illumination map.


The global tint of material.

Iridescent Color 1

The color of the iridescent effect around the edge of geometry.

Iridescent Color 2

THe color of the iridescent effect in the center of geometry.

Iridescent Power

How steep the transition between the two iridescent colors is.

Iridescent Angle

Basically the same thing as Power.

Color Shift Frequency

The frequency of the sine waves that drive the color hue shift.

Color Shift Intensity

The blend of the color shifting.

Psycodelic Illum Blend

Makes minor blending changes to the iridescent effect.

Allow Affine Mapping

Whether affine mapping should be enabled on this material.

Affine Blend

How intense the affine mapping is.